Urmston Bookshop -Dream Come True

urmston bookshop


Urmston Bookshop is a lovely independent bookshop situated in a suburb of Manchester. The shop sells books, gifts, cards, toys and has a small café in the back of the shop. It has been at the heart of the community for six years and is well-loved by the locals.

Six years ago Peter and Frances Hopkins started the bookshop from absolutely nothing. working with publishers, authors and schools they brought the local community onside to turn the bookshop into something special.

The shop is a previous winner of Northern Rail’s Hidden Gem award and has seen the likes of Joanna Trollope, Stuart Maconie, Jack Straw, Jessie Burton, Sharon Bolton, astronaut, Chris Hadfield, amongst many others, pass through its doors.


Today, a lifelong dream comes true. I have always wanted to have my own bookshop and after the past few months of planning, work behind the scenes and so so much help from Peter and Frances. Urmston Bookshop comes into my hands. I am so excited at my new adventure and look forward to continuing what Peter and Frances have done so well.

If any of you ever find yourselves in Manchester, I would hope that you would call in to see us, say hello, have a coffee and have a browse. We would be delighted to see you.

We are on Twitter: @UrmstonBookShop

Facebook page:  Urmston Book

Website:  http://www.urmston-bookshop.co.uk/


27 thoughts on “Urmston Bookshop -Dream Come True”

  1. How brilliant, Sandra! Although I’m on the other side of the Pennines from Manchester, I’ve heard good things about this shop and wish you every success. What a great next step from book blogging – you can have an even stronger influence on people’s reading choices.

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  2. Congratulations on following your dream. Have you got Fly fishing by JR Hartley in stock as ive looked everywhere!


  3. Oh wow, many congratulations. I would love to own and run a bookshop. Where did you even begin? I would love to pick your brains. My sister lives in Stockport, one day when we visit them, I’ll come and visit you too. All the very best. Angela


    1. Thank you Angela. It’s hard to say how we began. Once we saw the advert and enquired about it, everything just snowballed and here I am. I was already in the book club at the shop beforehand so it just seemed like divine providence when it came up for sale. I have always wanted to run a bookshop. 😊


      1. I think it’s just wonderful and wish you every success with it. I will follow you on Twitter and keep up with your success x

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