Here Be Dragons

here be dragons


Here Be Dragons (A short story)

by Sharon Bolton

Mark Joesbury, of Scotland Yard’s Covert Operations Unit, is undercover. Embroiled in a terrorist gang’s plans for a deadly attack at the heart of the capital, he’s risking everything to stop them. But as they prepare to target London’s most iconic landmarks, it’s no longer just countless strangers he’s fighting to save. Because they’ve also got the woman he loves, DC Lacey Flint…

This may only be a short story, but all stories involving Lacey Flint and Mark Joesbury are gratefully received. I have to thank Cleo over at for pointing me in the direction of this book as I had no idea it had been published.

This is Mark’s story of an operation he had to undertake in  A Dark And Twisted Tide. The operation goes wrong and an officer is shot. Mark is a wanted man, a suspected murderer.

Full length books or short stories, Sharon Bolton is a totally accomplished storyteller. The pace of the book is unrelenting and the atmosphere of London town and the Thames is palpable.

She ratchets up the tension page by page, until you can barely breath and you can see no way out for anyone. But when the denouement comes, you always feel that she holds the control stick, never getting carried away with fanciful endings that can often ruin good stories. I have never been disappointed by an ending in a Sharon Bolton book.

Flint and Joesbury are two of my favourite characters and if you have never read any of their books you are really missing out. Start at Now You See Me, the first in the series, a book that changed crime fiction for me. You will not be able to stop until you have read them all.

I hope we see a new full-length Flint and Joesbury book out soon, but until then Daisy In Chains is awaiting, tantilisingly, on my tbr pile. I cannot wait for my next fix of Sharon Bolton.

You can buy Here Be Dragons for £1.99 here

Now You See Me is available for the absolute bargain price of £1.99 here


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