Books I am looking forward to in 2016

Happy new year to everyone!


new year

My first post of the year is dedicated to the books that I have had sat on my tbr pile for a while. Books that I am really looking forward to reading and am going to make a concerted effort to get them to the top of the pile. Here they are:


The premise of this book really entices me and I intend to get round to this one pretty quickly.

the kind worth killing

I have read so many good reviews about this book that reading it is a must.


the bone clocks

This is an unusual choice for me and will definitely take me out of my comfort zone.

the paying guests

I adore Sarah Waters and have never read a bad book by her. Really looking forward to this.

a spool of blue thread

Anne Tyler is another of my favourites. This book has received some mixed reviews but I will reserve judgement and let you all know once I’ve read it.

london rain

Set in 1940s London. Period books with a bit of murder thrown in for good measure, can’t beat it.

imagethe girl in the red coat

Another book that has got great reviews and has sat on my tbr pile for far too long.


i let you go

I don’t think I really need to say anything about this book as I am possibly the only person left who hasn’t read it. Need to put this right.

how to be brave

So many people have loved this book, I may save this one for my holiday in Tenerife in February.


My book of the year for 2015 was Paula Daly’s The Mistake I Made so I am really looking forward to reading some more by this talented author.


So, these are the books that I am trying to get round to reading sometime this year. The problem is I have about 200 books to be read and they all look good and they have to be fit around review copies that take precedence, but you’ve got to start somewhere. And I’m not complaining; too many books is a lovely problem to have. 🙂




3 thoughts on “Books I am looking forward to in 2016”

  1. Too many books is definitely a good thing! I’ve got a few review copies as well as tons on my kindle. I must stop buying for a while!


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