A Killing Moon

a kiiling moon

A Killing Moon
by Steven Dunne

For the young woman kidnapped on her way home from the pub, the nightmare is about to begin…

Weeks after Caitlin Kinnear goes missing, the police are unable to break her case. Worse they are not even certain harm has come to her. But determined to pursue all leads, DI Damen Brook and his team begin to trawl through the murky world of cheap migrant labour. Convinced that the answers lie hidden within its depths, Brook soon begins to realise Caitlin is in terrible danger.

When the body of another young girl turns up it becomes clear that Caitlin’s abduction might not be an isolated incident and the race is on to save her. But with time running out, can Brook put the pieces together and find Caitlin before it’s too late?

Caitlin Kinnear goes missing after a night out with friends. The problem is nobody knows she is missing for a good while. When D.I. Damen Brook starts looking into the case at the behest of his colleague D.S. John Noble he begins to see similarities with other missing women. We follow Caitlin’s story alongside Brook and Noble’s investigations and the two collide in the most dramatic of endings.

This is a dark, gritty tale set in Derby’s murky underworld. But there is so much more going on here than just a possible kidnapping, this book has depth, layers, twists, suspense and more. At its heart there are themes of morals and loyalties; many of the characters are stuck in a moral maze but the rights and wrongs depend entirely on your own beliefs. How far you take those beliefs is one of the questions posed by this book.

The characters include three duos all of which have great loyalty to each other. D.I. Brook and D.S. Noble are colleagues, Brook is the one with the experience of cold cases and a man of great intelligence, he uses his experience to help Noble, but the loyalty isn’t all one way; Brook has his issues and Noble helps him out in social situations. The two sets of brothers, Grzegorz & max and Jake & Nick, both have bonds between them that are more than merely fraternal.

All the characters are so well-drawn, this is my first D.I. Noble novel but I feel like I have known him for years. He stole my heart with his loathing of Americanisms: him and me both. There are other great characters as well, Angie, who unwittingly plays a starring role and Superintendent Charlton who is a great foil for Brook’s dry humour and sarcasm.

This is a fantastic read, it starts off at a pace and is relentless throughout. If you like your thrillers dark and deep you’ll love this. I have no idea how this author is not more widely known, on this showing he is right up there with Jo Nesbo and Stuart MacBride.

Many thanks to the publisher and Bookbridgr for sending me a copy.


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