The Perfect Lie

the perfect lie

The Perfect Lie
by Emily Barr

For Lucy Riddick, Venice has always been the dream destination. A dream inspired by the pretty picture pinned to her mother’s kitchen wall. To Lucy, Venice seems the ideal place to lose herself. And now she needs to do just that. The secret she’s been keeping from her boyfriend and her friends has finally caught up with her and Lucy needs to disappear – and fast. There’s no better time to pack her bags and head for Italy. But what if, when she sets foot in Venice, Lucy finds that the one thing she has been running from, the one thing she has been trying to escape, is already there, lying in wait for her? Time to run away again? Or time to end the chase, once and for all?

I have read most of Emily Barr’s books and enjoyed them all. I like her easy writing style and she usually has a few unexpected twists and turns in her stories to keep you engaged.

In The Perfect Lie, Lucy Riddick is living in Falmouth with her boyfriend Seth but she is living a lie and is just waiting for the past to catch up with her. When that finally happens she has to escape and she makes her way to Venice to try to start a new life, leaving everyone behind her wondering just exactly what happened.

Lucy’s past life from childhood to present day is presented to us in alternate chapters. It is a sordid story and at times more than a little unbelievable. That any mother would ask her two young teenage children to do what this mother asked hers to do is beyond the pale.

The part of the story where Lucy (now Lucia) is in Venice feels too much like filler. The situation that she gets herself involved in has nothing to do with the actual story and has no merit whatsoever. The denouement when it finally comes feels a little rushed.

Whilst I finished this book and enjoyed parts of it, it is my least favourite Emily Barr and ultimately a disappointment. If I had read this one first I probably wouldn’t have bothered to read any more. I will give it 2 and half stars.


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