Angels Bleed

angels bleed

Angels Bleed
by Max Hardy

24 Hours

A remote country house.
A dead body in a blood spattered drawing room.
A 6ft square container next to the body.

24 hours

A padded cell.
A single chair bolted to the floor.
A woman bound hand and foot to the chair.

DI Saul has just 24 hours to find out who the killer of the dead body is.
24 Hours to work out how the woman in the cell is linked with the murder.
24 hours in which at every turn, his own life seems to be inextricably linked with the events that unfold.
24 hours before the container in the room explodes….

Warning: Adult Content and Sexually Explicit Material.

D.I. Saul is sent to a murder scene that turns out to be a set-up. There is also a box containing a person unknown, which is wired and primed to explode in 24 hours if Saul cannot find the true murderer.

The characters are excellent, real characters with plenty of background who you instantly want to know more about, D.I. John Saul especially. His personal life is a mess and now he finds he has been chosen by the ‘unknown caller’ to find the murderer.

Rebecca is already serving time in a psychiatric unit for the murder, to which she freely confessed. Her story is appalling; a debauched tale of sexual voyeurism and sadomasochism. The ‘unknown caller’ insists she is innocent and wants the true murderer found.

Angels Bleed is a crime thriller but it is extremely dark and edgy. There are lots of twists and turns which keep you guessing. The ending was unexpected and may not be to everyone’s liking, but I enjoyed it and thought it was fitting. Some of the sex scenes, however, are stomach churning in their subject matter, but they are a necessary part of the story. If you can handle the dark and sordid telling of that part of human nature, this book is well worthwhile.

I have one quibble, and it is quite a big one, although it has nothing to do with the story or the writing style. This book desperately needs a proof-reader. The mistakes were never-ending and often quite basic, and, for me anyway, detracted from what is a fine book.


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