The Telling Error

the telling error

The Telling Error
by Sophie Hannah

All she wanted to do was take her son’s forgotten sports kit to school.

So why does Nicki Clements drive past the home of controversial newspaper columnist Damon Blundy eight times in one day? Blundy has been murdered, and the words ‘HE IS NO LESS DEAD’ daubed on his wall – in red paint, not blood. And, though Blundy was killed with a knife, he was not stabbed. Why?

Nicki, called in for questioning, doesn’t have any of the answers police are looking for. Nor can she tell them the truth, because although she is not guilty of murder, she is far from innocent. And the words on the wall are disturbingly familiar to her, if only she could remember where she has heard them before . . .

Nicki Clements, married mother of two, paranoid nervous wreck of a woman. She finds her world turned upside down when driving past the home of a murder victim. Recognising one of the policeman on duty, she turns the car and drives away. Avoiding the scene numerous times that fateful morning, she is captured on CCTV and brought in for questioning. Nicki didn’t murder Damon Blundy but her secrets could still land her in a whole lot of trouble. She is a gloriously satisfying character, both deep and dizzy; misunderstood and tortured. Her paranoia leads her down a very tricky road.

Apart from Nicki there are so many good characters in this novel. The murder victim himself is a controversial newspaper columnist who was not afraid of plain speaking. Then there is the idiosyncratic DC Simon Waterhouse, whose style of solving crimes verges on the Poirot. Which is interesting since the author, Sophie Hannah, has just written the new Poirot novel (can’t wait for that one!).

Sophie Hannah has a gift for psychological thrillers that mess with your head. They are so cleverly written with characters that are also believable. This story is a very up-to-date tale about how the internet invades all aspects of people’s lives now, and the severe consequences of not taking the damage that it can do seriously.

Anyone with a love of psychological thrillers will love this.

Thanks to the publishers for sending me a copy via Bookbridgr.

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