A Dark And Twisted Tide


A Dark And Twisted Tide
By Sharon Bolton

This is the 4th Lacey Flint book (4 and 1/2 if you count the short story e-book, If Snow Hadn’t Fallen) and it’s another cracker.
Lacey has quit her job as detective and gone back to uniform, working for the River Police, hoping for a quieter life. Some hope. Trouble follows this girl around.

She now lives on a houseboat on the Thames, and whilst out swimming in the water, she discovers a body, wrapped up in some sort of burial shroud, which seems to have been left there for her to find, and Lacey gets drawn into the investigation.

Sharon Bolton knows how to put a book together, how to write a great story. There are so many things to like about her books. Firstly, the characters, they are so well drawn; complex, real people. Lacey has to be the best detective around. She has such depth, she feels like a friend. And just like a friend you love her but you also get mad at her. The ongoing relationship with the divine Mark Joesbury feels so real, and it is surely impossible for anyone not to be rooting for them. Dana is also a great character and there is more of her personal life in this book.

The plotting of the book is excellent. The twists and turns just keep coming and just when you think you’ve got a handle on what’s going on, Bolton turns the screw and you find you were way off.

Possibly the author’s best attribute is her ability to set the scene. The whole of the Thames comes to life. You can practically hear the water slopping against its banks. The sense of claustrophobia and danger when Lacey is in the water is palpable. The only other author that I can think of who gives such a sense of place and menace is P. D. James and Sharon Bolton is right up there with her.

You may have guessed; I think this book is brilliant. But if you haven’t read any Sharon Bolton books before I would heartily recommend that you start at the beginning of the Lacey Flint series with Now You See Me. You can read this book as a stand alone but you will miss much of the back story of Lacey Flint and it is such a powerful story that you won’t be sorry.

I would like to thank random house Uk, Transworld for my copy of this book via Netgalley.


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