Under Your Skin


Under Your Skin
By Sabine Durrant

Gaby Mortimer is a television presenter married to a hedge fund manager, they have one daughter and a live-in nanny.
Gaby’s cosy world is turned upside down one morning when, whilst out running, she discovers the body of a young woman on the common. Before long the police make her their prime suspect and she is in a battle to prove her innocence.

The book’s premise is a good one and should be psychologically tense. Unfortunately, after discovering the body and finding herself interrogated by the police, Gaby’s world descends into streams of consciousness about whether her husband will leave her, about her relationship with her daughter and about whether the nanny likes her. The actual plot of the murder and whodunnit goes absolutely nowhere.

If there was one piece of advise I would give to potential readers it would be; skip the first half of the book.

Go straight to the second half, to where Jack Hayward (journalist) starts to play a part. He singlehandedly moves the plot forward. And once it’s underway the book becomes a fast-paced page turner.

I think the problem is Gaby’s first person narrative is too narrow. It was when she had interaction with Jack that things opened up and the plot could move.

I am struggling to know how many stars to give this book. I think I’ll go with 2.5 for half a good book

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