The Rosie Project


The Rosie Project
By Graeme Simsion

This is a delightful book that I would highly recommend to anyone. Don Tillman is a 39yr old geneticist, sitting somewhere quite high up on the Asperger’s scale. He finds out that married men live longer and are happier than singletons. Therefore he makes finding a partner his priority. Unfortunately he has had absolutely no success in the area previously and so devises a questionnaire to sort the wheat from the chaff.
Don’s friend and work colleague sets him up with Rosie, who fails the questionnaire on just about every level, however, I am sure that you can all see where this story is going.
This book is not really about the plot, which follows every Rom com that has ever been, it is about Don, who is wonderfully drawn in his habits, his social awkwardness, his crippling inflexibility. Some of the episodes are laugh-out-loud funny but the author has done such a good job with Don that you’re not laughing at him, you’re falling in love with him.
The other characters in the book are good if standard fare in rom coms, but it is Don who will stay with you when this book is long finished.


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